Spookhost SSL/TLS Certificates

Discover the benefits of using a TLS Certificate on Spookhost

100% Free

Requesting, issuing, and deploying an SSL/TLS Certificate on Spookhost is completely free! You can get a free certificate from our client portal, or you can also bring your own!

Publicly Trusted

Certificates provided by Spookhost are issued by GoGetSSL, a widely trusted Certificate Authority backed by Sectigo and DigiCert.

Automatic Installation

With Spookhost CertAuto, our in-house technology, you will need to simply request the certificate for your domain, and we will handle the rest for you!

Requires your domain to be hosted on your Spookhost Account and using Spookhost's Nameservers.

Gain Trust from your visitors

Almost all popular websites use a valid SSL/TLS certificate. If you don't rowsers will mark your site as "Not Secure" if one is not found, and you may lose trust from users./p>

Encrypt & Secure your visitors' data

Having a valid certificate not only gives trust to your users, but also protect your users' privacy! With a certificate, the data transmitted between the user and server will encrypted.

Boost Google Rankings

Having a valid SSL/TLS Certificate can boost your Google Search Results rankings. Google favors websites that use HTTPS over the ones that don't! You can gain a significant amount of advantage when you use HTTPS with TLS on your website!